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Buenos Aires Travel Guide

Buenos Aires has been called the “Paris of South America” for decades, but to know this city is to endure a decidedly more visceral affair. Beneath the neoclassical architecture, artful pastries, and sprawling green spaces is the bleeding heart of the city—a city where the soccer games are to be wept over, the whip-quick moves of tango never miss a beat, and the sounds of sizzling asado and flowing Malbec carry late into the night. 

Plan Your Buenos Aires Trip

Central and South America Travel Restrictions: A Country-by-Country Guide

Despite how hard the virus has hit the continent, many countries are open to travelers. 

15 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Argentina

Argentina is one of the most awe-inspiring countries in the world, with dramatic glacial landscapes, legendary tango performances, impressive wine and food scenes, and of course, cities like Buenos Aires. Now, thanks to the recent drop in value of the Argentinian peso—plus the new tax refund foreigners get on hotel stays—there's never been a better time to visit. Here are 15 photos that will inspire you to visit one of South America's most alluring and beautiful countries.


From Buenos Aires to the Chilean Coast: A Road Trip Across South America

Road trips mean untold adventures, wide-screen wilderness, and striking out alone. On a dramatic ride from Argentina to Chile, Stanley Stewart traces the continent's highest peaks, reaching the coast at a smartly unplugged new camp.

Rumaan Alam on a Whirlwind Romantic Trip to Buenos Aires

The author reminisces on a 2003 trip to Argentina with his now-husband, photographer David Land. 

Learn to Cook, Tango, and Ski on Francis Mallmann's Private Argentine Island

The world-famous chef invites you to escape to Patagonia.

15 Best Hotels in Buenos Aires

Where to lay your head down for the night in Buenos Aires.

Behind the Scenes of Argentina's Legendary Cowboy Competition

Each Sunday at the Feria de Mataderos, a fair on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, nostalgic locals craving a culture fix can get their fill of traditional asado (barbecue) and folk dancing while cheering on gauchos racing their steeds in the prestigious corrida de sortija. Photographer Anders Overgaard shares some of his outtakes and insights from our March story, "Taking Style Inspiration from Argentina's Gauchos."

A Day in Buenos Aires

Excellent local wine, a booming (and affordable) food scene, history and art on every corner: It’s easy to see why spending just a few days in Buenos Aires, Argentina, can make it so hard to leave.

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