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Michael Kaminer head shot - Condé Nast Traveler

Michael Kaminer

Michael Kaminer lives and works in Manhattan and loves airports.

Exploring the Canadian Rockies, from Lake Louise to Jasper

Start planning an adventure packed with hiking, hot springs, culinary experiences, and more.

The 'Muji of Marijuana' Opens Its Doors in Toronto

A new store in Toronto hopes to bring stylish accessories for weed smokers to the masses.

European Travel Commission: Why You Should Still Travel to Europe

As visitor numbers to Europe dip, here's what you should know about travel to the continent.

Maine Wants to Pay For Your Vacation

There's a catch, of course, but it's an interesting one.

Take a Shower, Cook a Meal at This New York City Store

Not sure which shower head to buy? At Pirch, you can lather up in store and make an informed decision.

Now on Sale? All of Canada

Wouldn’t it be great if an entire country went on sale? For U.S. visitors to Canada, that’s pretty much what’s happening.

Print Isn't Dead at These Bookstores for Obsessives

Obsessed with water, conspiracy theories, or out-of-print science fiction? There's a store out there for you.

The World's Best Transit Options to and From the Airport

Some airport trains are as cheap as a subway ride; others let you check your luggage a day ahead.

Inside the Fort Knox of Caviar

The Petrossian brand decides the fate of high-end ova from around the world, and they gave Condé Nast Traveler an exclusive peek inside their unassuming Queens headquarters.

16 Reasons to Visit Canada in the Middle of Winter

It's actually not crazy to head north when the temperature drops—here's why.

Beyond Bubbe's Kitchen: The Best Spots for Traditional Jewish Food

Pastrami in Buenos Aires, blintzes in Philadelphia—these restaurants are combining chutzpah with cool to create some of the best Jewish cuisine in the world.