7 Creative Ways To Make Extra Money Online

7 Creative Ways To Make Extra Money Online

We all love the idea of a side business or side hustle to make extra money online and help pay the bills. That’s why we’re here!

We have some extra time, some extra ambition, and we want to do more!

But how?

There are millions of articles on how to create a profitable blog, but here are a few more creative ways to make extra money online.

Which one’s best for you?

Creative Ways To Make Online Income

1. Open an online store.

Platforms like Shopify make it easy for you and me – people without any retail experience – to open an online store and sell physical products. And tools like Shoppable make it easy for you to integrate products and checkouts into your existing blog.

Open an online store

If you’ve already got a blog with decent traffic and loyal readers, you might want to stick with Shoppable or use EDD plugin if using WordPress.

Or, if you’re starting from scratch trying to make extra money online, maybe running an online store through Shopify would be better!

Either one can be profitable, and neither requires a big upfront commitment.

Just start one up and make some money!

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2. Use your website like a job application.

Freelancing is hardly a new thing, but I see so many freelancers spending most of their time trying to find work instead of actually working!

Who is that good for?

A system I stumbled into (that’s been very effective) is using my website like an application.

I write publicly – for sites like ShoutMeLoud – and share how to reach me in my bio or in the article.

People read these articles, and then go to my website.

My website shows a lot of my work, and what I can offer others. If they want that for their own brands, they reach out to me.

It adds value all around, and this way I don’t have to search for work!

The system can work for any freelancer, whether you’re a photographer, designer, developer, writer, or something else.

First, create a website. Then share your work on sites bigger than your own to prove your value. You should read this step by step guide on starting your freelance writing career.

From there, just make it easy for people to contact you, and you might never have to worry about finding work again!

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3. Live stream for cash.

If you’re already active online – especially if you’ve ever live streamed or shared videos of yourself – Peeks might be a great option for you.

It’s the world’s first “social commerce” platform, which means all your friends and followers are there, but instead of “liking” your videos, they give you money.

You can live stream advice, expertise, events, entertainment, and more, and people will pay you for it!

Some people use it to get tips for sharing their advice or expertise. Some people use it to sell products. And some are even using it to crowdfund for social causes!

As with your blog, Facebook page, or anything else, you’ll want to encourage current friends and followers to keep up with you on Peeks.

It actually reports better engagement rates than Instagram and Snapchat, so it shouldn’t be hard to build your audience!

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4. Become someone’s life coach.

When you can help someone go farther and faster in their career, everyone wins.

You get the reward of directly helping someone achieve their goals, and they get help achieving those goals! You might even get a few referral clients out of it, too.

If you have expertise worth sharing – like motivational or career training skills – people will generally believe you can help them. They also understand that the value you’ll bring is probably 10X what you’ll charge!

Maybe you answer questions on Quora or you guest blog on other sites.

All it takes is one or two clients, and you’re off!

5. Review apps and websites.

Brands want to make sure their products create great user experiences, and they need real people like you and me to help them.

Use a platform like UserTesting and get paid to share your thoughts as you navigate websites and other digital products.

Review apps and websites

After you’ve done a few, you can also add “Product Tester” to your resume, which will help you get work outside the platform, too!

I tend to view UserTesting as the product testing version of Fiverr. You start out doing things fairly cheaply, and over time (if you want), you can start directly working with brands for a lot of money.

So if you like getting your hands on new things, give product testing a try!

6. Consult online daters.

Online dating is an interesting industry.

It’s a mix of those trying to find lifelong companionship and those trying to find… something more short-term. Either way, there’s a huge market for writing effective profiles.

Let’s say you were able to start a great relationship online and you want to help others do the same. So much is riding on that short profile!

And people are often willing to pay you to make sure that short profile represents them well.

Perhaps you get clients by guest blogging about the do’s and don’t’s of online dating, or by sharing your own online dating success story. And really, $100 – or whatever you might charge – is a small price to pay for something that could potentially make the rest of your life better!

7. Become an affiliate for a niche.

Affiliate marketers today have so many options! You almost don’t know what to do with all of them.

I’d suggest you pick one niche to be an affiliate for, and learn to own that space.

For instance, maybe you review books, and every time you tell people what you’re reading or publish a review, you include an affiliate link.

Over time, people will trust you for book reviews and gradually buy more things through you. The same could go for business software services or consumer goods – or just about anything else!

Amazon and Rakuten are great affiliate hubs to start with as you find your niche. It might take some time, but a lot of people swear by affiliate marketing for their entire paycheck!

It could certainly help you make extra money online.

Speaking of affiliate marketing: Check out the SML Affiliate Marketing Handbook!

Creative Online Income Streams

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to make extra money online. But these 7 are some of my favorites because they’re a bit creative and they usually pay better than the more “traditional” ways.

I always want people to know that there are fun ways to help pay the bills, and you don’t have to be a tech guru to take advantage of them.

These options definitely support that view.

Now, what will you do to make extra money online? Let me know your techniques in the comments below!

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