New DARPA UAVs will return aboard the aircraft carrier

New DARPA UAVs will return aboard the aircraft carrier

UAVs have become an integral part of the most powerful armies in the world. Today, we are talking about making them more effective. This is the focus of the Gremlin drones project of the US Advanced Defense Agency (DARPA).

The essence of the project is that the group of flying drones is delivered to the area where they are dumped. After the completion of the mission (the time spent in the air of unmanned aircraft for up to three hours), they return to the board of the transport man, who delivers them to the base.

The Gremlin drones are designed primarily for performing reconnaissance functions. Reusable use of them is economically very profitable, and the scheme of delivery and return to the base of the guarantee of the preservation of the secrets of military technology.


Each aircraft will be equipped with cameras, sensors and other electronic devices necessary to perform a specific reconnaissance mission. Unmanned aircraft will be able to exchange information, transfer it to the command and coordinate their actions through military satellites.

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