Russia is testing a new system of returning astronauts from orbit

Russia is testing a new system of returning astronauts from orbit

To date, the main method of “delivering” astronauts to Earth are capsules, the basic principle of which has not changed for several years. But progress does not stand still, and following the development of new spacecrafts, the company “Tekhnodinamika” has made a new system for returning cosmonauts from space to Earth.

In the very near future it is planned to begin its testing, which will be conducted on the territory of the Crimea peninsula. The first test samples of space capsules weigh 3 tons. They plan to drop several times from a great height, in order to observe the behavior of the capsule in the air. After that, the testing of capsules weighing 9 tons will begin (this is the final weight of the apparatus).

To drop the capsules from the height, Ka-32 and Mi-8 helicopters will be used. During the experiments the experts of the company “Technodynamics” will observe the altitude at which the parachutes will open, how the jet engines will work and, most importantly, how the landing itself will occur. According to the developers,

“The new modules will be reusable, but they still need to be tested and improved. Observe their behavior and make the necessary changes in the design, if necessary. After the completion of all stages of testing, new modules will be put into production. “

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