Turbine on carbon dioxide: enough energy for a small city

Turbine on carbon dioxide: enough energy for a small city

The specialists of GE Global Research (research division of the company “General Electric”) have developed a compact gas turbine the size of a working table capable of providing electricity to a small city. [19659003] Unlike the most similar turbines driven by steam, this works on carbon dioxide. The gas is stored in a container under high pressure at a temperature of 700 ° C. Under these conditions, CO 2 is in an intermediate state between the gas and the liquid, which ensures an extremely efficient rotation of the turbine, which converts up to 50% of the thermal energy into electricity.

One of the main advantages of the turbine is the possibility of working on waste gases, the reserves of which are practically unlimited. GE experts confirm that the power cycle is a waste-free closed loop within which CO 2 circulates.

In addition, the design of the turbine allows you to turn it on and off as necessary, like other sources of renewable energy – wind generators and solar panels. At the moment, the turbine’s power is 10,000 kilowatts, but its capabilities can be scaled up to 500 megawatts, which is enough to supply the energy of a small city.

Researchers hope to finalize their product in the near future and start industrial tests.

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