Motoroid – concept of a bike with AI from Yamaha

Motoroid – concept of a bike with AI from Yamaha

Cars and buses have long “grown wiser”, after them, their own on-board AI began to receive and motorcycles. The concept of one such brainy bike was recently presented by Yamaha engineers and designers. Their new brainchild is called Motoroid.

The first images of a bike that can interact with the driver through artificial intelligence were published on the company’s website. Yamaha reports that in new developments like Motoroid, will use its own developments in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The images show that the batteries of the bike will be located under the seat. His design of Motoroid reminds of racing motorcycles, and his “predatory” design clearly hints at very serious characteristics of the vehicle. Nevertheless, the developers do not yet provide details on the technical specifications of the model.

It is known that additional information about Motoroid will be made public by the developers during the Tokyo motorcycle show, which will begin on October 17. Then Yamaha will show other concepts, which number about two dozen.


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