When given the chance to travel, always take it.

That has certainly been the mantra that has carried me around the world and regularly finds me jetsetting back and forth between New York City and Paris – the two places I am lucky enough to call home. In fact, I’ve grown to love those few precious hours before boarding a flight. While that might sound crazy, I love the moment when the butterflies of a new experience come head to head with all of the planning that goes into taking a trip. This is partially because of my packing methods, which revolve around making sure I have the comforts of home that will make even the furthest destination seem a little less foreign.

Having spent years mastering the complexities of the perfectly-packed suitcase, it has started to feel less and less like a hassle. I’ve also found that travel prep, especially when it comes to beauty, can start right before the plane takes off. My first example when describing my routine to my friends and loved ones is always to start with hair care – especially if you’re concerned about maintaining color. I love the Le Color Gloss, which is a toning gloss that works to immediately correct brassiness, while boosting shine. It perfectly combines conditioning and toning so you don’t feel like you’re rushing around trying to check off one million items on a list. It’s also simple and chic, which is, after all, the Parisian way.

I was able to document my day as I prepped for a trip to sunny Barcelona, where I knew I would be swimming and basking in the rays to my heart’s content. The morning before I travel I always take a moment to tone and deep condition my hair. I’ve determined that this is the only way to mediate the damage from sun exposure – not to mention all those dips into any pool that presents itself.

Luckily, Le Color Gloss is super easy to use: I hop in the shower and run it through my strands. After allowing my hair to soak-in the rich coconut oil and deeply conditioning base, I rinse, style and bask in the glory of my perfectly-toned locks. The best part is that the gloss is great for any hair color, and it’s broken down into color categories that make it easy to choose the right gloss.

When it comes to packing, Le Color Gloss is at the top of the list along with a few other beauty must-haves. I’ve rounded up my go-to list, which combines ease and luxury – two of the cornerstones of French beauty routines. Check out my recommendations below and make sure you have this list on-hand for your next trip.

Packing Must-Haves:

- My favorite toning gloss: You already know what a must Le Color Gloss is. 

- My silk eye mask: This will block out any random lights inside your hotel or guest room so that your sleep is uninterrupted. This silk option from Slip even has indentations so that it won’t mess up your eyelashes, which is perfect for those hoping to catch some z’s on the plane.

- Headphones: Bustling airports are no match for your best playlist. I love Apple’s AirPods since they’re super compact and easy to travel with. They also pack a sound-filled punch that will block out any stressors.

- A camera: Don’t you dare miss out on those photo opps – and for extra points, pack a polaroid or disposable camera so that you can fully document those extra-special moments.

- Some face masks: This will help you face-off against dry, rough skin. This option is made of rubber and feels high-quality. The best part is that sheet masks are small and easy to pack.

- My travel-size skincare routine: You’ll feel so much more at home if you have tiny versions of all of your skincare steps.

- SPF, always: Don’t forget to protect your skin. 

- My favorite floppy hat: Again, I don’t play around with harmful UV rays. Choose an option like this with a wide brim for the most protection.

- Sunglasses: For both form and function, of course.

- Adapters: Forgetting adaptors is the biggest pain – keep it on your list. Batter yet, just store them in your suitcase so you’re prepared whenever you need them.

If you want to feel extra-luxe (after all, it’s the Parisian way), make sure to toss your face masks and lotions in the fridge so that they feel extra soothing during application. I have found that after a long day in the sun, nothing feels quite as good as a deeply-conditioning hair treatment as well as good moisturizer – this way both your hair and your skin feels nourished – and you’ll feel accomplished for having put in the effort.

You will be surprised how much more comfortable you feel when you remember to take your favorite products with you on the road. You will also be surprised how easy it is to streamline your packing process with a list and a few powerhouse products that make your routine an absolute breeze. Believe me, making a list ahead of time may seem like a hassle, but as soon as you realize how easy it makes your days of travel, you’ll become a believer.

Want to try Le Color Gloss? Redeem a free sample here!